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The success of modern retail relies on an understanding of how people want to shop and how shoppers use technology to interact with brands and retailers ...
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Omnichannel Integration – Connected Aisle

The Challenge

The success of modern retail relies on an understanding of how people want to shop and how retail customers use technology to interact with brands and retailers. Omnichannel integration removes divide between brick and mortar stores and virtual environments. Leading retailers today actively use mobile and in-store technology to engage shoppers through medium of their choice. Enhancing in-store customer experience with integrated omnichannel strategy provides customers a delightful shopper experience no matter where they are.

Important Facts

Here are some of the interesting facts from the presentation published by The Customer Edge – “44 Facts Defining the Future of Customer Engagement for Commerce”:

  • More shoppers are looking to take advantage of seamless retail services involving the store: In a recent survey, 19% of shoppers said they are using “click and collect” services. (Accenture)
  • 66% of customers are willing to spend more with companies who provide superior customer service. (SAP, Customer Service is the Heart of Marketing)
  • According to a CEI Survey, 86% of buyers will pay more for a better customer experience, but only 1% of customers feel that vendors consistently meet their expectations. (Forbes)
  • An integrated analytic approach can free up some 15 – 20 % of marketing spending. Worldwide, that equates to as much as $200 billion that can be reinvested by companies or drop straight to the bottom line. (McKinsey 2014)
  • Customer retention is 14% higher among companies applying big data and analytics to deal velocity. Aberdeen Customer Engagement Report 2014
  • The majority of businesses are unable to support an omni-channel customer journey. Only 12% can provide a seamless hand-off between channels. (Forrester Wave Customer Service Solutions 2014)
  • 52% of Marketing Execs surveyed say that it is a combination the people, the processes and the platforms needed to properly develop, manage, measure and continue delivery of the customer experience. The CMO Council, Mastering Adaptive Customer Engagement (2014)

How Can Eradium Help?

Eradium developed ominichannel integration framework for retail – Connected Aisle.

The Connected Aisle framework improves your omnichannel customer focused strategy with power of the integrated analytics to make your ecommerce marketing more effective.

The goal of Omnichannel integration is to focus on customer interaction with your brand rather than on channels.

Steps for successful development and launch of omnichannel retail

  1. Develop a specific omnichannel integration road map, define priorities for the immediate integration projects:
    • Exploring how your customers use digital media in-store
    • Customer purchase journey analysis and cross media flow
    • Investigating how location based mobile technology may help drive in-store traffic and conversion
    • Integrating social media with online and in-store experience
  2. Defining an optimal architecture for the integration of your ecommerce platform and business systems
  3. Inventory integration
  4. Customer service integration
  5. Fulfillment center integration
  6. Integrate email and marketing automation systems
  7. Connect to online market places
  8. Link your store to social media
  9. Connect your data with POS, accounting systems and ERP
  10. Integrate mobile and in-store shopper experience