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Magento Platform Development

The Challenge

You made the decision that Magento platform is the right choice for your business. You need Magento flexibility to handle your distinctive requirements while delivering unique features for your retail business. These unique features provide you with a competitive advantage and a real opportunity to become a leader in your online retail category.

Important Facts

  • Magento is an open source eCommerce platform that provides practically unlimited ability to extend and integrate
  • Magento is the commerce platforms leader, it had number one market share among  Alexa top  100, top 1,000, and top 100K e-commerce sites according to the statistics provided by Datanyze in May 2017.
  • Magento is not a simple shopping cart solution but a highly sophisticated modular platform.

To realize its potential for your business, you need time, financial resources, and specialized skills.  Your Magento implementation team have to include specialists with experience in digital commerce, front–end design, Magento platform configuration, module customization, databases, payment gateways, marketing automation and server hosting.

    • Magento is a powerful tool in hands of experienced e-commerce marketers.
    • The platform includes the search engine optimization and e-commerce marketing features.

The platform supports search engine friendly URL, Google sitemap, integration options with Google analytics, email marketing, and marketing automation systems.

    • Magento provides you with many tools to engage visitors and convert them to buyers with promotion rules, coupon codes, reward points, customer’s segmentation, online reviews, and personalization.
    • There are thousands of Magento commercial and free extensions available at Magento Connect marketplace that help enhance core Magento functionality.

The downside to all this freedom is that not all extensions are equal, and some may create security risks, break your store design or functionality due to conflict with the existing Magento code.

How Can Eradium Help?

Our key team members have been working in eCommerce system design and development for over 20 years (almost since the birth of eCommerce). We have extensive expertise in all aspects of eCommerce practice ranging from shopper patterns to system security and data science using Magento.

We have process and tools that help deliver successful implementation. Our tool kit includes: development environment, code version control, testing and debugging frameworks.

You need the team work of ecommerce experts, user experience designers and application developers to translate you commerce needs into a successful Magento solution

Steps for successful Magento development

  1. Discovery Phase – Commerce Requirements
    • We assess your eCommerce needs to list all functional, integration and infrastructure requirements.
  2. Customer User Experience Design includes:
    • Wireframes, mockups, flow diagrams and technical design specifications
    • Overall site look-and-feel – style guidelines
    • Site navigation and product catalog search
    • Category pages with Magento layered navigation and filters
    • Product details page including product attributes, images, product review
    • Design and content of non-product pages
    • Shopping cart and checkout.
  3. In-store personnel experience and process design
    • Inventory management rules and data integration specifications.
    • Product catalog specification.
    • Promotion management specification.
    • Order fulfillment, shipping, return and refund processes.
    • Customer services process.
    • Custom reports.
  4. E-commerce technology architecture
    • E-commerce technical design focuses on how Magento components will be used to meet your business needs.
  5. Baseline platform setup and configuration
    • Configure of the store front-end structure, product attributes, and categories.
    • Tax rules.
    • Shipping methods.
    • Payment methods.
    • Transactional emails (new order, invoice, shipping, account activation and others).
  6. Customization
    • Front-end customization  – Magento page templates, layouts, and styles.
    • Extension/Apps/Plugins implementation and custom programming.
    • Installation, configuring and testing of third party Magento extensions.
    •  Custom modules development. The custom modules extend the core Magento functionality to support your unique commerce and marketing requirements.
  7. Integration
    • Backend internal systems integration with in-store POS or ERP systems.
    • Implementing Magento inventory management: BrightPearl
    • Setup Integration with email marketing systems: MailChimp or marketing automation: Bronto.
    • Custom data integration with online marketplaces and other third party systems.
  8. Testing and QA
    • We complete initial functional testing that follows rounds of regression testing to have your new store ready for final user acceptance testing.
  9. User Acceptance Testing
    •  We work to complete UAT with your personnel and to make sure that all online store components are prepared to go live.
  10. Post Launch Tuning and Support
    • We work with hosting partners to optimize monitoring, tune performance and establish support escalation process.
    • We make sure that any issues or anomalies that impact the daily store operations are investigated and resolved promptly avoiding negative customer experience.

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