eCommerce Technology Platform Selection

The Challenge

You are seeking a new e-commerce platform to build your online store. Or maybe, you might be on a mission to upgrade your current shopping cart with the latest technology. After initial research, you realize e-commerce platform selection processes can be daunting.

Even brief online research brings dozens, even hundreds of e-commerce platforms options, and online shopping cart applications including:

  • On-premise software
  • Cloud platforms,
  • Open source
  • Commercial, off-the-shelf, or best-of-breed products.

There are also multiple solutions for small, mid-market and enterprise retail environments. There are many factors which determine the ideal platform for your business.

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How Can Eradium Help?

Starting with a comprehensive business requirements review, we help you find the ideal commerce platform to enhance your unique marketing strategy.

Our mutual goal is to select an optimal platform, with a set of features and benefits to meet your business objectives:

  • Website traffic
  • Target order amount, revenue and gross margin
  • Year-over-year growth objectives
  • Implementation timeline
  • Operating budgets
Which e-commerce engine is the right choice for your business?

Steps for ecommerce platform selection


To complete this phase, we apply the Eradium eCommerce Technology Selection Framework. Collaboratively, we capture, then analyze requirements in the each of the following categories:

  • Ideal shopper experience goals for desktop and mobile devices
  • Store catalog size and complexity rationalization
  • Projected online traffic and transactional volumes
  • Content and product maintenance objectives
  • Product catalog search strategies
  • Online personalization methodology
  • Payment methods and gateways
  • Shipping and return options
  • Order fulfillment process
  • Inventory management and integration with other channels
  • Customer service delivery
  • Product promotion planning
  • Marketing communication roadmap
  • Integration with CRM
  • Multi-channel marketing automation


After assessing your requirements against the selected platform, we prepare carefully scored evaluation and budget estimates for

  • Implementation
  • Migration from the existing platform
  • Ongoing store operation and maintenance activities

We review the results with you, and help make informed decisions about adopting your ideal platform.


Alternative Service Option

For clients with advanced and complex requirements, we can:

  • Prepare formal requests for proposal (RFPs)
  • Interview and qualify vendors
  • Negotiate licensing and/or subscriptions contracts
  • Mediate Service level agreements (SLAs).


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