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Eradium eCommerce support is focused on having your store always ready to serve your customers....
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eCommerce Support

The Challenge

You have made a substantial investment in developing your Magento ecommerce store and created cross channel customer experience. The ecommerce store was thoroughly tested and looks perfectly fine in all tested browsers and user scenarios. The site was also tested for security and got the green light to go live.

Does this mean that 100% of customers will continue to receive the same perfect user experience without constant monitoring, maintenance or support?

Important Facts

  • All browsers are regularly updated.

Your eCommerce store is viewed through browsers. Browsers are regularly updated, some automatically which could hinder functionality and stop proper operations of you online business.

  • eCommerce store and communication with third party services.

Commonly eCommerce stores communicate with third party services to get shipping rates, taxes, process payment, send message, check inventory with external system, etc. Each service provider performs regular updates of their components to address new bugs, security risks and update functionality. We know from experience that such updates may break existing functionality. So maintaining a proactive approach prevents downtime and loss of sales.

  • Security.

Statistics published in December 2014 shows that only 25.94% sites written in PHP (which is the most popular web programming language) are maintained as secure. The underlying software is outdated with security holes that any attacker can manipulate. It’s just matter of time before the site will be hacked and used for different undesired purposes. Such examples include installing and distributing malicious software or stealing customers credit cards and personal information. Responsible web site owners have to keep their website software up to date.


  • Is your hosting company responsible for your site up time?

When you read 99.9% uptime, pay attention that it refers to the server uptime, not the store uptime. In reality the server may be perfectly fine, your store is still hosted but some important functionality doesn’t work as expected. Your store could benefit from the expertise of our eCommerce support specialists to make sure that it is always ready to serve customers and accept orders.


How Can Eradium Help?

Eradium eCommerce support is focused on having your store always ready to serve your customers.

Data analytics helps us to be proactive in our maintenance rather than reactive in our troubleshooting.

Preventive Maintenance

The objective of preventive maintenance is to increase reliability of your online store platform and prevent problems in the future.

Proactive analytics to detect anomalies and hidden issues

  • Proactive analytics can detect hidden issues before they become service-affecting problems and prevent negative impact on customer experience.

Updates and upgrades

  • Core Magento platform upgrades
  • Extension upgrades
  • Change management process

Corrective Maintenance

Diagnostic and resolution of issues reported by users or discovered during system log analysis

Adaptive Maintenance

The purpose of adaptive maintenance is to keep your store software usable in changing online environment. This may include changes to the front-end styles and the back-end software.

Perfective Maintenance

Perfective maintenance is performed to provide the following benefits to your retail operations:

  • Enhancing user experience.
  • Launching of new marketing initiatives
  • Increasing productivity of your store admin personnel

Emergency Incident Management

We work in close coordination with our hosting provider partners to make sure that any interruption in service is resolved as soon as possible.

Store Management eCommerce Support

  • Technical assistance to your customer service
  • Ad hoc report development

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