eCommerce Platform Migration Solutions

The Challenge

You have selected an e-commerce technology.

You need to plan the upgrade process, and determine how to ensure the migration process:

  • Is delivered on time
  • Remains within your budget
  • Has minimal interruption to existing e-commerce operations

Important Facts

There is no single, automated solution which performs comprehensive migration services from one e-commerce platform to another. There are tools which can migrate some of your data and content. They achieve this through import and export processes, but there isn’t a single tool which can provide an online store migration to the extent the Eradium team can.

The eCommerce store migration process involves a wide range of technical, content, marketing and customer service activities.

Here is an abbreviated list for some perspective:

  • Domain and URL migration
  • SSL certificate
  • Product Catalog conversion
  • Promotions and price discounts
  • Shipping and tax
  • Content migration
  • Customer and order database
  • Marketing automation connectors
  • Data feeds in and out
  • POS integration
  • External links redirects
  • SEO

How Eradium Can Help You with Ecommerce Platform Migration?

Eradium helps you create a custom-tailored roadmap for your next ecommerce platform upgrade and store redesign.

 3 Steps to ensure a successful ecommerce platform migration


Discovery and planning

  • Our experienced e-commerce project managers review your unique situation and requirements. They review your environment to ensure all relevant activities are included in the migration strategy. The migration plan takes internal and third party dependencies into consideration.
  • We provide comprehensive Quality Assurance (QA) and User Acceptance Testing (UAT) before upgrading to a new platform.
  • The efforts to migrate from an active online store depend on many factors. An online store that has been active for a lengthy period will take longer to migrate than a newly opened one, as it has more processes and dependencies to be migrated.



The Checklist Analysis process and subsequent detailed planning ensures all elements of the store transition are addressed. We provide seamless storefront migration with minimum downtime and avoiding unpleasant surprises.

Learn more about our 95-Point Checklist for Your eCommerce Platform Migration



Our developers and data migration specialists will customize your new store, and finally complete the data and content migration.

Eradium has developed a comprehensive eCommerce platform migration checklist that covers almost hundred tasks, to ensure a successful migration.

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