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Want to make MailChimp services the heart of your omnichannel strategy to maximize your marketing dollar?
Eradium can help you get the most of MailChimp’s innovative email marketing solutions. Our MailChimp experts will show you how to get results from all customer data and marketing automation to sell more products.

What can Eradium MailChimp eCommerce Experts do for you?

  • Email Strategy – rethink your email strategy with insights from your data using Data Science and Predictive Analytics
  • Integrate with Magento – MailChimp’s integrations help you create smarter email campaigns based on your subscriber’s purchase history.
  • Integrate with Shopify – MailChimp for Shopify will sync your existing orders and customers from Shopify with your MailChimp account.
  • Integrate with WordPress-  Add MailChimp special subscription forms to your site or embedded options fields in any WordPress registration forms.
  • Reporting – Custom reports on how your campaigns are impacting your business and learn insights about your user behavior.
  • Social Media Integration -Integrating your Facebook page and Twitter account with MailChimp services you benefit from social media amplification of your email campaigns and get more subscribers with Signup Form to your Facebook Page.
  • Implementing MailChimp Automation-Various Platforms – Automated emails deliver information to your customers’ right when they need it, in a way that’s efficient for you and your team. Send a series of emails to introduce your new customers to your company, share product recommendations based on what your customers have purchased in the past, wish your subscribers a happy birthday, and more.

eradium-mailchimp ecommerce experts

Why MailChimp for retailers?

The examples below provide you with some insight into how other online sellers use MailChimp to supplement their business.

Baby store retailer that uses MailChimp to help track demand for out of stock products and to let customers know when a specific item is back in stock.

eradium-mailchimp ecommerce experts baby store

The e-commerce company that sells phone cases and supplies. They use MailChimp’s Automation features to send discounts to new subscribers who have yet to make their first order, and with proper segmentation delivering localized content to customers right when they need it.

eradium-mailchimp ecommerce experts iphone

Miami-based online eyewear retailer. They segment their MailChimp list by geographic location to send two versions of their campaign, one in English and one in Spanish and use purchase data to send targeted emails and discount offers.

eradium-mailchimp ecommerce experts eyewear store

Some ideas to get you started with Marketing Automation Campaign:

Welcome new customers

New customers might need a little help getting started with your product or service. Set up a single email or onboarding series to show them everything your business has to offer.

Follow up on website activity

Setup the Goal integration. The Goal integration tracks subscriber activity on your site, and can be used to trigger automated emails to customers who navigate to a particular page from your campaign. Or convert interested subscribers into customers by sending relevant information based on what they viewed on your site.

Put purchase data to use

Send customers special care instructions and product recommendations based on their previous purchases from your store. Reward your top spenders, and gather feedback on everyone’s shopping experience.

Plus many more campaigns to help you deliver the information your audience wants to hear!

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