eCommerce Email Marketing Solutions


eCommerce Email Marketing Important Facts

  • Email marketing returns an average $44 for every dollar invested.
  • 61% of all consumers report they are likely to return to your site after receiving an abandoned cart reminder email.
  • Mobile clicks now account for almost 40% of all email clicks.
  • The average revenue per mobile click equaled $0.40, more than double desktop’s average revenue per click which amounted to $0.19.

Eradium approach to eCommerce email marketing:

  • Unified – Consider email as one of the touchpoints in a customer experience journey rather than a separate communication channel.
  • Customer-centric – Deliver personalized experience to always-connected customers.
  • Always evolving – Campaigns are data driven. Use results of the previous campaign to tune the sequential email.

Customer Acquisition Solutions

  • Grow your opt-in subscribers lists
  • Acquire long-term value customers
  • Attract inbound traffic with content marketing
  • Optimize your marketing across multiple channels

Shopper Conversion Solutions

  • Convert your shoppers to buyers
  • Increase return on investment in customer acquisition marketing by personalized email
  • Increase your revenue with abandoned cart recovery program
  • Amplify conversion with social media strategies

Loyalty and Retention Solutions

  • Sell more and get your customers to return
  • Protect your investments in customer acquisition
  • Maximize your customer value with lifecycle communication strategy
  • Reach your always-connected customers on any device

Examples of what you will get as part of the solution:

Strategy based on data analytics

  • Program roadmap
  • Sales and conversion attribution model with Google Analytics
  • ROI model for of abandoned cart recovery program
  • Special tactics for mobile phone users
  • Retail Gamification- applying game mechanics for loyalty programs

Marketing automation and data integration

  • Magento eCommerce platform – Bronto commerce marketing automation integration
  • Magento – Mailchimp and Mandrill email platforms integration
  • Shopify eCommerce website  – abandoned checkout automated process setup

Creative from a concept to completion

  • Mobile friendly – responsive email templates
  • Design mobile friendly landing pages and forms for campaigns

Campaign Management

  • Setup campaign landing pages
  • Execution PPC and social media campaigns
  • Implementation of the abandoned cart reminder emails
  • Set up flows and rules with Bronto platform for multistep and triggered campaigns
  • A/B testing
  • Ongoing measuring, analytics and campaigns tuning

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