8 Events Of 2016 To Use In Your Real-Time Content Marketing

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8 Events Of 2016 To Use In Your Real-Time Content Marketing

Real-time Content Marketing

Real-time content marketing (also known as real-time marketing) is the practice of brands engaging their audience via content, advertising, and product placement that is relevant to a specific current event or cultural happening. The content is most often in the form of a “meme” or graphic advertisement shared through social media channels. (1)

  • The highest return on their real-time content marketing investments said they leverage breaking news on social media.
  • 98% of marketers excelling at the real-time reported a positive impact on revenue.
  • 39% of marketers said real-time social search tools are critical for an effective real-time social media strategy. (2)

Here are what we learned from the references to the Everage research published in the blog “How Real-Time Marketing Drives Really BIG ROI” (3) the top benefits include increased customer engagement (81%), improved customer experiences (73%), and increased conversion rates (59%).

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Current events and marketing are best friends. You can read more about the science behind event-driven marketing in one of our past articles https://www.eradium.com/agile-ecommerce-email-marketing-weekly-spotlight/.

You can take any popular event and use it for your marketing campaigns.

Current events are one of the best ways to promote your merchandise and get uplift using social media. Successful promotions might even become viral and significantly improve your bottom line.

Effectiveness Timeframe – is a period of time when is the optimal window to use this particular event most effectively. Using the event too early or too late will diminish its effectiveness.

This is an example of Lowes using the leap year for their promo.

Eradium real-time content marketing blog Lowes example

8 Events in 2016 to Trigger Audience Attention

This year we have events of all types of stores and tastes: space, sports, political, cultural and patriotic.

Below are just simple examples of types of campaigns that could be developed using the events.

1. Olympics – Olympics is one of those events that can influence almost all retailers as it has appeal to a wide range of emotions and interests.
Effectiveness Time Frame: Now-August- Second window of opportunity: Sep-Oct to mention the most memorable moments
Example of campaign for a sport apparel store:
Win the race by wearing these special shoes with superior comfort!

Eradium real time marketing blog Rio de Janeiro 2016.

2. US election – there is not a channel or newspaper that does not have some information on this topic.
Example of campaign for a clothes store:
One of the creative ideas is to market the merchandise based on the candidate. For example, Hilary Clinton might like a certain brand that you are selling so you might want to bring it up and make it very clear in your promotions.
Time Frame Now-November and follow by just the winner December

Eradium real time marketing blog american flag

3. NASA’s Juno spacecraft begins its visit to Jupiter.-Time Frame: May-June (4)

Example of campaign for a toy store:
Get the latest spacecraft toys, just in time for the June craft launch!

Eradium real time marketing blog jupiter

4. Chinese calendar 2016 is the Year of Red Fire Monkey. Time frame–All year long

Example of campaign for homeware store:

Get your red kettle, just in time for the Year of the Red Monkey!

Eradium real time marketing blog monkey

5. The dates 04/04/2016, 06/06/2016, 08/08/2016, 10/10/2016 and 12/12/2016 all fall on the same day — Monday.

Time-Frame: April, June, august, October and December

Example of campaign for any type of store:

Get 4% of our top 4 items!

Eradium real time marketing blog calendar

6. William Shakespeare’s 400th anniversary
April 23rd marks 400 years since the death of one of the best literary talents to ever come out of this country. Time Frame: March-May

Example of campaign for a clothes store:
Find your perfect Midnight Summer Dream Dress!

Eradium real time marketing blog Shakespeare

7. Mercury to make rare transit between Earth and Sun – On May 9, 2016, Mercury will make a rare transit between the Earth and the Sun. The next transit will happen in 2019 and then again sometime after 2039. Time Frame: April-May
Example of campaign for a clothes store:

The Rare Event,  receive 9% off of all spring jackets! Get your Mercury inspired gear and enjoy the view.

Eradium real time marketing blog planets

8. Euro 2016-In June we get to get soccer fever all over again. Time Frame: May-July

You can use any of the participating teams as well as players to market various merchandise.

Example of campaign for a clothes store:

If England is playing and you are selling merchandise that is made in England that would be a good thing to advertise.
Authentic sweater made in England! Support your team!

Eradium real time marketing blog soccer

2.  Bonus Historical Events

  • The 75th Anniversary of the Attack on Pearl Harbor, December 7, 1941. Time Frame: Sep-Dec
Eradium real time marketing blog Pearl Harbour
  • The 25th Anniversary of the Dissolution of the Soviet Union, December 26, 1991. Time Frame: Oct-Dec
Eradium real time marketing blog USSR

3 Tips to be on top in real-time marketing!

Follow the news -select only the most trending news

Keep the messaging relevant and clear – always appeal to the positive emotional connection with your shoppers

Be ready to launch a campaign within hours – being fast is the only way to win this game – the life span of an event is very short

It always pays to be on top of all the news. In today’s crazy pace the only way to be on top of people minds is by following the daily trends.


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