MailChimp Evolution – New Instagram Ad Campaigns

MailChimp Instagram ad campaigns

MailChimp Evolution – New Instagram Ad Campaigns

Merchants and brands can sell more with the new Instagram Ad Campaigns by MailChimp where your email marketing and social media ads are all in the same place.

MailChimp introduced a new feature for merchants and brands – Instagram Ad Campaigns.

The Instagram Ad Campaigns is a new additional tool that well complements the announced few month ago Facebook Ad Campaigns.

MailChimp has come a long way since it first started. Can you believe that Mail Chimp is 16 years old this year?

Today it is on it’s way to becoming a major retailer mega marketing machine. MailChimp was ranked #1 out of 78 Email Marketing technologies in Datanyze Universe. It had 47% market share In June 2017 according to the statistic.

MailChimp continues to evolve from the most popular email marketing system towards the comprehensive multi-channel marketing automation platform.

Now not only are you able to send scheduled emails, newsletters, promotions, triggered emails, basically anything and everything you ever wanted in email using their platform. You can also create ads in mail chimp directly from 2 of the most popular platforms available today: Facebook and Instagram all in the same place. You will be able to have a central place to manage all your marketing efforts. You can use the same offer across multiple channels and easily track what generates the best response. This central marketing hub will save lots of time and provide a better accuracy for your marketing activities.

With additional integration, you will be able to see what products sell, from which ads, who those buyers are and your return on investment. Sounds too good to be true but it is here!

We’d already discussed the fast-growing popularity of Instagram and how brands may benefit from the power of photo sharing to engage with their target audience and increase sales in our blog  “10 Tips for Using Instagram to Promote Your Store”.

There are multiple success stories about how apparel, health & beauty, together with home improvements brands use Instagram campaigns to promote their products.

  • If you are fashion, apparel or health and beauty brand talk to our MailChimp eCommerce Experts how to increase your sales with social media and email marketing.
Anna Battrick

Anna Battrick is Eradium’s Director of Ecommerce Services, has an extensive background in retail marketing and project management. With over 10 years of managing complex projects from inception to completion while always maintaining “it can be done” spirit. The world of retail is not only a professional interest but also a personal hobby which lets Anna see the other side of retail, from a shopper perspective. This helps create engaging marketing programs that speak personally to the shoppers interests and engage them in a conversation.