Social Personalization, Social Media Personalization

Eradium omnichannel glossary Social personalization

Social Personalization, Social Media Personalization

Social Personalization – Personalizing the experience based on social shared content E.g. Shared links from a BYO vehicle, shared outcomes from a social campaign such as Nissan’s FlashForward. Social network data can now be mined and refined to produce intricate user profiles and provide deeply meaningful insights.

Profiled Personalization – Personalization based on pre-existing knowledge of the user. Could relate to customer entered data, CRM or social media profile. Allows triggered and outbound personalized content

Behavioral Personalization – Personalization based on an anonymous user journey or activities on site. E.g. Viewing multiple trucks could mean the visitor has a “tradesman” persona

Objective Personalization – Personalization based on “single component” rules that are definitive in nature – “If this, then show that.” E.g. if searching Google for “SUV”, show appropriate vehicles and capture the user’s intention for further personalization.  (1)

Social personalization – reach beyond each visitor

Personalization doesn’t stop at the individual. Social networks are, by their very nature, social, so make sure your platform makes it easy for customers to become advocates and share your content.

The abundance of social connections can be utilised to help spread the word for your business, and can now be targeted only at the most interested people – so there’s no more need for widespread Facebook spamming, just the right messages going to the most receptive people, channeled via the most reliable source: their friends. (2)


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