Eradium omnichannel glossary Personalization


Personalization takes customization a step further

Customization (“Have It Your Way”) gathers information about what users like and then gives them exactly what they asked for.

Personalization takes customization a step further. It’s the person who never wants the conversation to end. You know that person. Just when you’ve said your goodbyes and are ready to hang up, he suddenly remembers something important to tell you, “But wait! One more thing and then I swear I’ll let you go!”

Although the approach may be bothersome, the information usually turns out to be relevant—because that person knows you.

Personalization helps you convey the right message, at the right time, to the right person. Over time, that curated experience becomes more relevant and more engaging. (1)

Netflix Personalization Example

Netflix has become a mainstay for my family when it comes to consuming movies and television. With an incredible inventory of content, Netflix uses the types of content that I’ve consumed in the past and how I’ve rated different shows to figure out what I might like and make recommendations.  (2).

The Netflix personalization engine applies big data and machine learning technologies to recognize similarities between you and other users then predicts and recommends you what other customers like you have selected.

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