Geo-fencing (geofencing)

Eradium omnichannel glossary geo-fencing feature

Geo-fencing (geofencing)

Geo-fencing (geofencing) is a feature in a software program that uses the global positioning system (GPS) or radio frequency identification (RFID) to define geographical boundaries. A geofence is a virtual barrier.

Programs that incorporate geo-fencing allow an administrator to set up triggers so when a device enters (or exits) the boundaries defined by the administrator, a text message or email alert is sent. Many geo-fencing applications incorporate Google Earth, allowing administrators to define boundaries on top of a satellite view of a specific geographical area. Other applications define boundaries by longitude and latitude or through user-created and Web-based maps. (1)

An example Geo-fencing application – Walmart

Walmart’s app has a Store Mode that, amongst other things, responds to geofencing around stores, and delivers coupons and e-receipts.

With one in five of Walmart’s online purchases picked up in-store, this geofencing tactic can persuade those customers to spend more in stores. (2)

Eradium omnichannel glossary geo-fencing Walmart
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