Curated Commerce (Retail Curation)

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Curated Commerce (Retail Curation)

In electronic commerce (eCommerce) terminology, curated commerce refers to creating unique product lines that provide customers with a distinct collection not offered by other online retailers in a market.

The demand for personalization in online shopping is a driving factor behind curated commerce. Retailers often use marketing tactics such as email marketing to show a selection of curated products to customers based on personal taste and purchase history with the retailer.

Curated commerce helps shoppers discover products based on their personal preferences. The profile is usually based on images. A retailer’s items are then curated and offered. Curated commerce is often compared to the online version of shopping in exclusive and personal boutiques. (1)

Curated Commerce Examples


BeachMint collaborates with celebrities and experts to offer curated private label goods on six sites: JewelMint, StyleMint, BeautyMint, ShoeMint, HomeMint, and intiMint. Site members follow the selections of tastemakers, such as Jessica Simpson, Rachel Bilson, and stylist Estee Stanley. Members complete profiles and receive personalized recommendations on products. (2)

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MYHABIT is a private fashion site by that offers handpicked selections from designer and boutique brands. The site offers insights and selections from buyers, stylists and guest curators, like Project Runway’s Tim Gunn. The site also offers shoppers a complete fashion experience, including 360-video shot on models, photography, and editorial segments.

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