Brick and Click

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Brick and Click

The term Brick and Click applies to a business that has not just a physical or online location but has both a retail outlet as well as a website that is enabled for eCommerce. In modern business, it is becoming more and more recognized that to achieve the highest conversion rate for your eCommerce venture you should also have a physical presence and location.

A store that offers a traditional retail outlet, as well as the opportunity to shop online, will enjoy a two-way profit, the brick and click components complementing each other perfectly to ensure that all kinds of customers from all over the globe have access to your product or service. (1)

Mobile Apps Help to Drive In-store Sales – Walmart

Walmart’s Savings Catcher is seemingly designed to help in-store shoppers feel more confident about the prices they pay for products in Walmart stores.

Shoppers who have downloaded the app to their smartphone can scan a special barcode on their Walmart receipts. The app will then compare the items on the receipt to a database of nearby competitors’ advertised prices. If the app finds a lower price for any of the items, Walmart pays the difference. (2)

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Walmart Savings Catcher, from the iTunes app store.

In addition to making customers more confident, the app is a sort of pseudo-loyalty program, since Walmart is collecting data about a particular user’s purchase habits and has access to information about the user through the app. In theory, Walmart could make special offers to app users, further boosting sales.