Amazon Competition – Survival Guide for Retailers

In this eBook you will discover how Amazon redefined the traditional retail competition factors: selection, price and convenience into completely different dimensions: customer centricity, creativity and technology innovation

You will learn about strategies, tactics and tools that help you to compete in virtual and in physical stores

It features the Amazon Competition – Survival Checklist for a quick self-assessment of your competitive maturity score.

Amazon Competion Survival Guide for Retailers Eradium Cover

Look Inside

Amazon History and Facts

Facts About Amazon

6 Categories Of Amazon’s Competitors: Are You In One Of Them?

Are You Recognizing Your Company In One Of The Following Categories?

1. Competitive Factor – Selection. What Can We Learn From Amazon?

How Big Is Amazon’s Catalog?

How Can Smaller Retailers Compete On Product Selection?

Product Selection – When Less Is More

Apply Technology To Optimize Inventory Management

Meet Expectations About Your Product Availability On Customer’s Doorsteps

2. Price Competition: Amazon’s Strategy And Tactics

New Dynamics In Price Competition

Who Is The Next Victim Of The Online Price Competition?

What Can Retailers Do To Compete On Price Online And In Store?

You Are Likely In A Competition With Amazon Or Wall-Mart Online

Know Your Profit Margins

Acquire Pricing Intelligence Information

Pricing, Products, Customers – Portfolio Management

Rethink Your Customer Loyalty Strategy

3. Nailing The Convenience Factor With Innovation

Amazon’s Online Shopper Experience


Content Search

Personalization And Customization

Amazon Cross Channel Personalization

Amazon Prime

Amazon Home Services

Amazon’s Pilots And Developing Programs

Amazon Dash

Amazon Prime Air

Amazon Plans For A Brick-And-Mortar Store

What Can Retailers Do To Compete On Convenience Online And In A Physical Store?

Online Store Experience Is Important

Rethink And Refresh Your Loyalty Program

Become True Omnichannel Retailer

Offer New Add-Value And Specialized Services

Amazon Competition – Survival Checklist