5 Tips for 2020 Ecommerce Holiday Planning

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5 Tips for 2020 Ecommerce Holiday Planning

Christmas shopping in 2020 will look quite different from what we used to in the previous years. Your store must be ready for this season. Due to the current restrictions and any future restrictions, people might not see each other in person or even get out to the mall for shopping.

44% of respondents plan to shop more online this holiday season than they did last year. (1)

Your store needs to be able to cater to both of these segments: people who will not shop in person and people who will be gifting without personal contact.

Here are five essential tips that would help in your this year ecommerce holiday season planning:

1. Gift Wrapping & Physical Cards Option

Some people will skip in person parties this year, so it would be beneficial to offer gift wrapping and greeting cards as an extra option on the product page.

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2. Curb Side Pick Up

Offer curbside pick up both for the buyer and the person receiving the gift- if you still don’t offer it yet. Make sure that the ‘order ready for the pickup’  notification process is working. Don’t forget to include the gift receipt process flow.

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3. Easy Returns

Review your return process to make it easy for the buyer and the person receiving the gift. Allow, if possible, free or low-cost returns options for the actual shopper and the gifts’ recipients. Update your customer notifications process to reflect the changes in your shipping and return operations. Don’t forget the gift receipts handing procedure for the returns and exchanges.

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4. Up-to-date Inventory status

Having accurate product inventory in your online store is particularly critical during the holiday season. It is a terrible customer experience when a person who purchased a gift is getting a message one day later that it is out of stock.


5. Include more product pictures and videos

Your eCommerce stores likely will have more visitors who would not normally shop online this holiday season. High-quality pictures with various product views and videos would make buying the item online more comfortable for such visitors. Make up-to-date all product descriptions and sizing.


2020 Guide to Holiday Planning

With buying habits shifting and online sales rising, we’re looking at a shopping season unlike any we’ve seen before. For businesses looking to convert an unprecedented holiday into record-breaking growth, planning early and prioritizing online efforts are a must.

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  1. Two-thirds of consumers have increased online shopping because of the coronavirus, https://www.digitalcommerce360.com/2020/08/11/two-thirds-of-consumers-have-increased-online-shopping-because-of-the-coronavirus/
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