10 Reasons Why I did All My Christmas Shopping At Amazon! Retailers Take Note For Next Season!

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10 Reasons Why I did All My Christmas Shopping At Amazon! Retailers Take Note For Next Season!

Christmas Shopping at Amazon  – A Star Shines Bright

I cannot believe that Christmas is going to be here in just over a week. It always seems just to appear out of nowhere. The last thing I remember is getting Halloween costumes in order and all of a sudden I am setting up a Christmas tree. I love shopping but not Christmas shopping. I hate going from one store to another store digging through empty shelves trying desperately to find something for everyone on the list. A few years ago I started doing Christmas shopping on Amazon. The first year I bought a few items, next year more and this year over 90% of items were purchased on Amazon.

These are the reasons why I shop at Amazon, but they could apply to any retailer. If other retailers could start to improve these items they will have a much better game in competing with Amazon.

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  1. Time -This is by far the number one reason people shop online in general. Amazon just does it better. Once you know what you are looking to buy, the actual purchase takes less than a minute.

  1. Availability – There seems to be an endless supply of items available at Amazon. If you are really looking for a very specific item you can always find it. Maybe not at the best price but someone at the Amazon marketplace will have it. The hottest Christmas decorations this year is the Star Shower Laser Light. It was sold out in Lowes and other stores but sure enough I found it at Amazon. Since it was from the marketplace I paid an extra $10 dollars for shipping but it was well worth it.

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  1. Sales and Prices – There is always something on sale at Amazon. You just need to find it at the right time. I love the “lightning deals” they have daily. It shows you how many items are still available. It is a sure way to increase more sales as people start panicking as they see the number of items declining in real time.

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  1. Shipping – I have to never worry about where my products are or will they be late. Even during the busiest time of the year I get all my packages on time. If I ever need to know the status I just simply log in into account and verify the status. I do not need to worry about if my package is coming by post, FedEx, etc. I can just simply see when it will arrive in one place.

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  1. Selection – For example when I type “Book” the number of results 37,565,232. Toy 2,214,389 Cup 1,421,049. If there is something you desire you are sure to find it here. Even if the exact product is not available, there are plenty of other products to fulfill your need.

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  1. Emails – reminders, sales, upcoming events, product emails-there plenty of useful emails that Amazon sends from reminders, discounts and product information.

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  1. Always Open – you never have to worry about making the store before 9pm. You can do all your shopping at 11 PM when everyone is fast asleep. You just log in and can spend 5 minutes or 1-hour shopping for everything you need. No nagging, yelling, fussing. Simply look, read and buy. Not sure about an item place it in your cart, browse other sites, drink some tea and return. The product is still waiting.

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  1. Loyalty Visa Points – With the Amazon.ca Rewards Visa Card, you can earn:
    2% cash back per $1 spent at Amazon.ca
    1% cash back per $1 spent everywhere else where your card is accepted.
    Every 2000 points earned are automatically redeemed for a $20 statement credit.
    You are actually getting double the points shopping at one place.

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  1. Reviews – in many cases I will not buy a product that does not have reviews. Reviews are very important when you are buying something that you cannot touch and feel. Is it too big, too small, is it built well? Those are just some of the questions that go through the mind of a shopper.

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  1. Returns – finally if you do have to return something it is easy. The process is clear and straightforward in most of the cases.

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The type’s stores I have stopped shopping at all:

  • Toys
  • Children Stuff
  • House Stuff
  • Cosmetics

Stores that I still need to shop at:

  • Clothes

How many people do their Christmas shopping at Amazon:

51% will do shopping online this holiday season compared with 16% at Walmart.


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

May your shopping experiences on any online store be as pleasant as the Amazon experience in the New Year. Let’s dream big.

Great reminder email

This type of email urges the shopper the make a purchase before it is too late. It also might introduce products that the shopper did not know they needed. It targets both types of shoppers: planners and impulse buyers.

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Example of how a Lightning deal looks on mobile screen

You can see the discounted price in the big red font, percentage claimed and time remaining to make the purchase at the discounted price.

Eradium Amazon at christmas blog lightning deal
Eradium Amazon at christmas blog lightning deal2
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Product Email

It is great to receive an email about a product you just bought. This type of email help the customer to get the most out of their purchase and it can help you sell more products by showcasing supplementary products.

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